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Feel free to download these military themed wallpapers. They are available in various sizes - the 480x360 is even perfect for Blackberry 8900s! Thanks to Wallpaper Abyss for the original images.
Four A-10s flying in formation:
Photo of four A10 tank bustersDownload 1920x1080
Download 1600x1200
Download 1680x1050
Download 480x360
Soldier firing AR15 rifle:
Photo of American soldier firing AR15Download 1920x1080
Download 1680x1050
Download 1280x1024
Download 1024x768
Download 480x360
AC-130 Spectre gunship deploying flares
Photo of Spectre gunship deploying flaresDownload 1920x1080
Download 1680x1050
Sniper firing Barrett .50 cal rifle
Photo of Sniper firing Barrett .50 calDownload 1920x1080
Download 1680x1050
Download 1280x1024
Download 1024x768
Tank firing it's main armament
Photo of a tank firing it's gunDownload 1920x1080
Download 1680x1050
Three A-10s taxiing
Photo of A10s on the runwayDownload 1920x1080
Download 1680x1050
A sniper and his spotter
Photo of an American sniper teamDownload 1920x1080
Download 1680x1050
Cobra gunship with Blackhawk in the background
Photo of a Cobra helicopter gunshipDownload 1600x1200
Download 1680x1050
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