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Minsterley Ranges, set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, is a privately owned range that offers various shooting activities for beginners and the more experienced alike. There are 100- and 50 yard shooting ranges with no calibre limit, 3 shotgun areas surrounded by berms and deer stalking and training is also available. There is also a great café and a well-stocked shop with all sorts of guns and accessories for sale.

Various shooters, mainly members of Airgunbbs.com but not always, meet up whenever we (usually Tommo!) can arrange it for a day of socialising and shooting. Plenty of people also take a camera so this page is a gallery of our meets at Minsterley.
CSSC shoot at Minsterley, 15th Sept, 2007.
The start of the Civil Service Sports Council - Target Sports Association 'taster day'. TSA Secretary Russell (leaning on bench) shows a novice the ropes. TSA Treasurer Scott having one of his many attempt to hit the target...
Scott again, this time with a straight-pull AK47. Total novices at the start of the day having never shot before, but their faces say it all Russell zeroing his Parker-Hale stalking rifle
Everyone will want a photo taken with this... Clay instruction. Left to Right John (TSA member), Scott (TSA Treasurer), Russell (TSA Secretary) and Tom (TSA Chairman).
Just a few of the people who came along to try their hand. Special thanks to David Ryan (centre), owner of Minsterley Ranges.
Minsterley, 15th Nov, 2007.
Tommo's freshly scoped up Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.1 ready for testing. The author's 6.5x55 Tikka cooling down between 5-string shots testing loads. Amcodave's 6-year old lad, Bayley, shooting a .17HMR, showing his dad how it's done!
Tommo shooting his .308 'Kidney Crusher' (See gallery page for details). Daaaaaad, I've run out of bullets again! The author shooting 1940's vintage Pakistani milsurp ammo through Amcodave's scoped-up .303.
Having used up all the available .17HMR, Bayley moves onto the .223. JamieG and Malcolm look on. Malcolm, aka .303 British, shooting his .308. The morning weather was cold but bright.
CSSC shoot at Minsterley, 8th Sept, 2008.
The second Civil Service Sports Club shoot was a great success with another group of new shooters being introduced to, amongst other things, pump-action shotguns firing solid slugs, 8mm Mausers and other fearsome firearms. I was allowed to be in the group photo for the first time having become a member of the Civil Service since the last shoot. That's me clutching the rather spanky Enfield.
Tommo's photo's
It's enough to strike fear in any Cub Scout. "Heads I shoot first..." Ha! I won...
No pain, no gain... Dan, Dan the Riflescope Man. "And tonight Matthew I'm going to be Sarah Connor..." "No Dan, it's the gnat in the middle, the one without it's cojones..."
"Damn, this rifle is nearly as old as Tom..." "Can I have one in Pink?" THE MILD BUNCH. (L to R) Dan, Craig, Guy, Paul (club range officer), Laura, Mark, Russell (club sec), Tom (club chair).
Amcodave's photo's
Amazing pic showing the recoil as I fire my .303 Lee-Enfield. Mark about to have a go of my AR15. Laura trying out a stylish little black number.
Tommo sighting in his Lee-Enfield. Mark goofing around. The K98 Mauser awaits it's next virgin shoulder.
CSSC shoot at Minsterley, 28th March, 2009.
The third Civil Service Sports Club shoot was looking like a bit of a damp squid with Tommo and Cribby not attending but ended up being an excellent day. I took Joe and Kev from work and Russell took his wife, nephew and two guys from his work. We had the added bonus of bumping into Pat and Gary, two good mates of mine from Fulwood Shooting Club. Huge thanks to Pat and Gary for letting us have a go of their very nice rifles - a Sako TRG and a Blaser among others! Also a huge thanks to Russell for letting us all fire solid slugs through his Beretta - the day is but a memory but the shoulder throbs on!
Me shooting my 1944 K98 in 8mm Mauser. Kev shooting the AR15. Russell shooting skeet on the clay range.
Pat zeroing is stalking rifle and Gary with his .260 Rem. Joe checks his car after Chuck Norrising a pheasant. Joe shooting the AR.
'GI Joe'. Stylish shot of Kev shooting Pat's Sako TRG in .308. Kev ejecting a smoking hull from Russell's Beretta.
Russell's colleague shooting my Mauser. Me shooting the TRG. 5.56 milsurp not all it's cracked up to be...
Russell loads three up for the next victim! *SPEECHLESS* Joe shooting the TRG.
Handsome devil! Cool shot of the clay range. Ve hav vays of vinning ze var!
Me shooting my AR. Me shooting Russell's Beretta. Kev shooting 'The Cannon', my Tikka T3 in 6.5x55.
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