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Fulwood Shooting Club

A relaxed friendly club based in Aintree, Fulwood is unusual in having a 50m as well as several 25m indoor ranges for rimfire, LBRs and gallery rifles. Fulwood has a full range of club competition leagues and a thriving centrefire club that shoots regularly at Altcar Ranges.


Probably Britain's leading shooting, conservation and countryside organisation. With over 127,000 members, BASC represents the rights and aims of shooters in the media and at all levels of government and politics. BASC membership also provides access to experts in all shooting related fields including the law. You also get shooting liability insurance which is often mandated when shooting and applying for or renewing your FAC.

Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance works for everyone who loves the countryside and the rural way of life. Through campaigning, lobbying, publicity and education the Alliance influences legislation and public policy that impacts on the countryside, rural people and their activities. The Countryside Alliance was recently declared the most "inspiring political personality" of the last ten years in the Channel 4 News political awards.


This is an excellent new UK shooting forum. It has sections on airguns and powder-burners, as well as all the usual sales and off-topic sections. It also aims to bring together people requiring vermin and deer control with those looking for places and land to shoot.

Ken Farrell

Ex-missile and aircraft engineer Ken Farrell makes a massive range of top quality scope rails, rings and mounts for a wide range of new and military rifles including a 20 MOA rail for the Tikka T3 range.

National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association of UK- In terms of official competitions, the NRA basically run British rifle shooting. They are affiliated to Bisley Shooting Centre, possibly the finest shooting facility in the world.

National Shooting Centre, Bisley

The home of British shooting. A massive facility catering to virtually all shooting disciplines, it was Bisley Shooting Centre that hosted all the shooting events for the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

Minsterley Ranges

Minsterley ranges is a brilliant place for setting up a rifle, developing a load or just having a day out with some mates. They have 50- and 100 yards ranges, stalking and clay shooting.

Peter Lawman

This is a brilliant site for reloading stuff. There's tons of mailable stuff like bullets, cases and reloading kit and visits can be made by appointment for powders and primers etc.

Henry Krank

A very well stocked gun shop with a slight bias towards black powder and older firearms but also does a huge range of reloading gear and supplies, air rifles, shotguns, BP pistols and rifles and modern firearms. It is situated on the edge of Pudsey near Leeds, I think the logo must represent a building in the town as the shop is single storey, it certainly confused me!

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