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This is a new section on the site and is for you to tell everyone else about any cool shooting related books that you've enjoyed. Just mail me the details and a scan of the cover to guyrwood at googlemail dot com and I'll put it on the site.
Sniper One by Sergeant Dan Mills
Sniper One by Sgt. Dan MillsIn April 2004, Sgt Dan Mills and his platoon of snipers flew into southern Iraq as part of an infantry battalion sent to win hearts and minds. Back home we were told they were peace keeping but within days of arriving, they were caught up in the longest, most sustained firefight British troops had faced for over fifty years.

'The book they tried to ban... The most vivid account ever of total combat on Iraq's frontline' The Sun.

'A highly charged, action-filled, adrenalin-pumped, page-turning read that, frankly, knocks the socks off all previous British accounts' Sunday Telegraph.
Nine out of ten My favourite of all the recent accounts from Iraq and Afghanistan. If you have any interest in combat, sniping and sniper rifles, this is the book for you!
Operation Certain Death by Damien Lewis
Operation Certain Death by Damien LewisIn 1999, 11 British soldiers on a peace keeping mission in Sierra Leone, West Africa, ventured down the wrong jungle path in their Land Rovers and were taken hostage by the notoriously brutal and sadistic rebel group known as the West Side Boys. The soldiers were kept in horrific conditions for 17 days never knowing if they'd be free again. Operation Certain Death tell the stunning story of how just 75 SAS and SBS took on over 1,000 rebels in their heavily defended base to rescue the soldiers in what was to became the SAS's greatest battle.

'What a story!, As good as any thriller I have ever read. This is the lowdown' Frederick Forsyth.

'A riveting account of events. A story of courage, professionalism and high drama which has previously remained untold. I was unable to put it down' Michael Grunberg, Sandline.
Nine out of ten Not a book for the squeamish, this is an awesome story of a brutal enemy, capture, survival and a truly astonishing rescue mission.
Apache Dawn by Damien Lewis
Apache Dawn by Damien LewisIn the summer of 2007, deep in Afghanistan's Helmand province the fierce campaign to neutralise the Taliban continues. With conflict raging day and night the ferocious Apache attack helicopter provides vital air support. With their awesome fire power and state of the art technology, the Apaches fly countless missions and daring rescues under the command of the British Army's finest pilots. Apache dawn is the story of the heroic aircrews who fly the Apache and the men on the ground whose lives they have saved. It is an astounding account of bravery, skill and resilience in the face of unbelievable odds. Always outnumbered, never outgunned.

'Gripping and revealing' Patrick Bishop, author of 3 Para.

'Army aviation at it's finest' General Sir Mike Jackson.
Eight and a half out of ten Not quite as involving as the first-hand accounts, this is never the less a real boys-own tale of the awesome Apache attack helicopter.
Eight Lives Down by Major Chris Hunter
Eight Lives Down by Major Chris HunterYou have the world's most dangerous job in the world's most dangerous place. You are responsible for bomb disposal in the British sector of Iraq. You are the last defense against oblivion. And it's already a hundred degrees in the shade. You are up against some of the most sophisticated bomb makers in the world. They don't play by the rules of the Geneva Convention. Nothing but your own wits will save you. You're on your own. Now is the moment of truth. All you can hear is the sound of your own blood pounding through your veins. This could be your last moment on earth.

'Gripping and engaging... The emotion, the immediacy, the adrenalin rush of what it feels like to walk towards a device that may or may not blow at any minute taking you and everyone in the proximity with it packs an explosive punch' The Times.

'Chris Hunter is a very brave man. His work couldn't be more terrifying or necessary' Daily Mirror.
Nine out of ten An awesome account by a man who truly deserves the epithet 'Balls of steel'!
The Circuit by Bob Shepherd
The Circuit by Bob ShepherdAfter nearly twenty years of SAS operations, Bob Shepherd retired from the military to work as an adviser on the international commercial security circuit - simply referred to by its members as The Circuit. Certain his most dangerous days were behind him, Bob settled into a sedate life looking after VIPs. Then 9/11 happened. From Basra to Baghdad, Kabul to Kandahar, Ramallah to Riyadh, Bob found himself back in war zones on assignments far more perilous than anything he had encountered in the SAS - from ferrying journalists across firing lines in the West Bank and Gaza to travelling to the heart of Osama bin Laden's Afghan lair - often with no back-up and sometimes behind enemy lines. But as the War on Terror eScalated, Bob witnessed The Circuit's transformation from a niche business staffed by top veterans into an unregulated, billion-dollar industry that too often places profits above lives and enables western governments to hide the true cost of military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan

Seven and a half out of ten An interesting but rather dry story. The last few chapters on the future of Afghanistan are absolutely fascinating.
Joint Force Harrier by Commander Ade Orchard with James Barrington
Joint Force Harrier by Commander Ade Orchard with James BarringtonHelmand Province, October 2006: British soldiers are engaged in the most intense, sustained fighting they've faced since the Korean War. Against a tough, experienced and frighteningly motivated enemy, their lives too often depend on the success of danger-close, pin-point attacks pressed home from the air. When the pilots of 800 Naval Air Squadron - call sign 'Recoil' - arrived in theatre, their Boss, Commander Ade Orchard, knew there could be no slip-ups. Day and night, the Fleet Air Arm crew were on constant alert, ready to scrambled their heavily armed Harrier attack jets at a moment's notice in support of men on the ground. The call wasn't slow in coming. Just fifteen minutes after getting airborne for the first time, Orchard and his wingman were in the thick of it, called in when an Apache helicopter gunship was forced back by heavy fire...

'One of the finest books about air warfare ever written' News Sheet.

'A hardcore insight into the courage and brutal struggle our soldiers in Afghanistan face' Zoo.
Nine out of ten I hadn't even been aware we were using fixed-wing aircraft in Afghanistan so this was a great find and an excellent read.
Vulcan 607 by Rowland White
Vulcan 607 by Rowland WhiteIt was to be one of the most ambitious operations since 617 Squadron bounced their revolutionary bombs into the dams of the Ruhr valley in 1943... April 1982. Argentine forces have invaded the Falkland Islands. Britain needs an answer. And fast. The idea was simple: to destroy the vital landing strip at Port Stanley. The reality was more complicated. The only aircraft that could possibly do the job was three months from being scrapped, and the distance it had to travel was four thousand miles beyond its maximum range. It would take fifteen Victor tankers and seventeen separate in-flight refuellings to get one Avro Vulcan B2 over the target, and give its crew any chance of coming back alive. Yet less than a month later, a formation of elderly British jets launched from a remote island airbase to carry out the longest-range air attack in history. At its head was a single aircraft, six men, and twenty-one thousand-pound bombs, facing the hornet's nest of modern weaponry defending the Argentine forces on the Falkland Islands. There would be no second chances...

'Gripping, endlessly fascinating detail. I read the book in one sitting: it is an utterly compelling war story, brilliantly written' Simon Winchester.

'I more than enjoyed it, it could have been written especially for me' Jeremy Clarkson.
Nine and a half out of ten I have to agree with Jeremy Clarkson about this book, I loved it.
Apache by Ed Macy
Apache by Ed MacyWhen Ed Macy's career in the Paras was cut short by a nasty accident, he refused to go down quietly. So when the Army started their gruelling Apache helicopter programme, he was the first sign up - and one of the handful who made it through the nightmare selection process. In 2006, Ed's Apache squadron were dispatched to Helmand, Afghanistan, to protect the men on the ground. And when a marine went MIA in enemy territory, Ed and his team knew they were the Army's only hope of getting him out... This is the true story of a rescue mission so dangerous they said it could never be done - and the men who dared to make it happen.

'Macy is the real deal... A fantastic, totally enthralling exhilarating rollercoaster read' Sergeant Major Dan Mills.
Nine and a half out of ten An exciting, and sometimes personal, true account of a rescue mission so astounding you'd swear you were reading the script of a Hollywood thriller!
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