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The National Shooting Centre, Bisley. Set in 3,000 acres of Surrey heathland, Bisley has been the home of British shooting sports since the 1890s. It is an enormous site comprising shops, lodges, club houses, administration and accommodation and is open to any member of the National Rifle Association of Great Britain. A friend of mine from my club, Paul, organised a trip to Bisley and eight of us went down and spent the weekend shooting at 900 and 1,000 yards, a first for most of us. These are some pictures from the weekend, an experience I hope we repeat soon.

Fulwood Shooting Club trip to Bisley, 31st May-1st June, 2008.

The main building greets you as you drive onto the site. New scope rail and mounts on the Tikka so probably a good idea! 6 1/2" inches high at 20 yards and hope for the best...
The view from the 900 yard line on Stickledown range. Arriving and setting up on the 900 yard range on Saturday morning. Paul and Mark bravely volunteer to go first while Cribby RCOs.
Dave and Ryan shooting 900 yards on the Sunday morning. The view through my scope (10x mag) at 900 yards showing the heat haze at the target. Arty shot of Ryan shooting my 6.5x55 Tikka on the Sunday (and getting nearly all bulls!).
Mark and Neil watch Dave and Paul shoot on Sunday morning. View of the 1,000 yards on Saturday afternoon. The 25m Winans Range for muzzle loading pistols and gallery rifle.
The famous bisley clock tower at the back of Stickledown ranges. The clay pigeon shooting facilities. Jenny's.
'C' row, our accommodation for the night. Apres shoot pints and an excellent meal at The London and Middlesex Rifle Association. The rooms, small (extremely) but perfectly formed...
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